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Unlock the power of vibrational healing with CymaTones Online, your exclusive monthly subscription to 344 meticulously curated frequency sets inspired by the renowned CYMA 1000 device. Experience the profound benefits of these cutting-edge frequency sets for just $9.99 a month, with the freedom to cancel at any time. With convenient online access, you can harness the transformative power of sound frequencies anywhere there's an internet connection.

What sets CymaTones Online apart is our vast collection of frequency sets, meticulously designed to target specific body parts, ailments, blockages, chakras, and more. Drawing upon the groundbreaking technology of the CYMA 1000 device, each frequency set is expertly crafted to support your holistic well-being.

As a subscriber, you'll gain unlimited access to our extensive library of over 350 frequency sets, providing you with a wealth of options to address your unique wellness goals. Whether you seek pain relief, emotional balance, or enhanced spiritual alignment, our frequency sets offer a comprehensive approach to healing and rejuvenation.

2-Day All-Access Free Trial before you subscribe!

You will receive a table of contents with all 344 frequency sets and their descriptions!

* 400+ more frequency sets will be added by the end of the year *

Special Notes:

1. No special hardware or speakers required for sound therapy to work over your device.

2. There are no known negative effects as a result of using CymaTones frequencies. It is a safe energetic rebalancing tool which emits audible sound, much like playing something soothing music to the body.

3. It is alright to listening to soft music or nature sounds in conjunction with CymaTones.

4. When listening to several commutations (resonant frequency set), recommended minimum listening time is 7 minutes. When listening to only one commutation, recommended listening time is 15 - 20 minutes. You can loop (button on the right) tones overnight on low volume for sub-conscious reprogramming.

5. It is best to use CymaTones every other day for most people. In the case of severe chronic conditions, daily use is recommended.

6. Horses, dogs, bears and humans vibrate the same and respond in a similar way to these tones. Cats are not directly affected because of their purring frequency (self-healing) although some cats do respond favorably to the sounds. These frequencies do not resonate with birds.



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Activate Your Pineal Gland eBook

Activate Your Pineal Gland eBook

Unravel the mystery of the third eye and learn how to access your untapped potential! With step-by-step instructions and examples, "Activate Your Pineal Gland" guides you along your journey!
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